Chief Executive Officer of Ocenario de Lisbon


Thematic Aquariums – the right approach?


Is the theme of an aquarium important?

Aquariums are unique tools to communicate to the public about the wonders of the underwater world, about the threats ocean are facing and the actions that each one of us can take to contribute to Ocean conservation. In order for that potential to become reality a lot of people need to be touched so many visitors to aquariums are needed.

The theme and concept of aquariums is crucial to achieve success and reach this goals. It is not easy to find a theme that allows flexibility to communicate several messages, attracts a lot of people and creates satisfaction of the visitors. Generally Aquariums are not communicating to the general public about the theme of their exhibits. Visitors go to Lisbon Aquarium, Genoa Aquarium, Monterrey Bay Aquarium and most other aquaria without knowing the theme.

Is that the right approach?

Jellyfish is one of the most common themes for temporary exhibits, and they are a must in every modern aquarium. Now a whole aquarium dedicated to Jellyfish is a great success. What is there so special about jellyfish?