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Review of the 1st International Jellyfish Conference,
held at the Kamo Aquarium in Japan on March 10-11, 2015

International Jerryfish Conference 2015 official site

The Kamo Aquarium is specialized on the husbandry of jellyfish. Its opening of a new building in June 2014 was the impulse to organize an International Jellyfish Conference and to invite jellyfish specialists from all over the world for such a conference. The Kamo Aquarium was willing to be the host and azc started with the organization of this conference. Now almost one year after the Kamo Aquarium’s opening the conference took place. Except the hosts, altogether 41 participants from 10 different countries were registered for this 1st International Jellyfish Conference, held at the Kamo Aquarium in Japan. The participants were scientists and junior students from universities and especially aquarium people with a long experience in the husbandry of jellyfish. More than 68% of the participants were Non-Japanese.

They all agreed that this Conference was a perfect success. For the first time scientists, who work on a scientific and often pure theoretical base with jellyfish, met on a conference the aquarium people, who have the knowledge about the husbandry and biology of different jellyfish species. Further on the conference offered the jellyfish specialists for the first time an open exchange of their experience and knowledge in the husbandry of jellyfish with colleagues from other parts of the world. It became obvious that such a special meeting is since a long time a demand of the aquarium people who have concentrated their work on a very limited and specialized field of husbandry, because these specialists will never be represented on the large worldwide aquarium congresses like the IAC (International Aquarium Congress) and will not find there a discussion platform for their problems and questions.

During the 2 days-conference 10 different papers about the husbandry of jellyfish in the past and in the presence as well as about genetic questions of jellyfish species and the specified exhibitions of aquariums are presented and afterwards discussed by the participants.

The azc (Aquarium Zoo Consulting) Berlin-Tokyo, as organizer and initiator of this conference published in advance to the conference a booklet with the program and the summary of all presented papers. The full papers will be published in 2015 as a special issue of the traditional German Zoo Magazine “Der Zoologische Garten”, which is today also the official magazine of the WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums).

Because of the conference’s success and because of the very positive comments of all the participants, azc decided to organize in the future such a conference in a 2 years term. As next host the Dalian LaoHu Tan Pole Aquarium in China invites the jellyfish specialists in 2017 for the 2nd IJC.

Additionally to the preparations for the conference at the Kamo Aquarium, azc developed as conference platform the website This website will serve after the conference at the Kamo Aquarium for the future as discussion platform for jellyfish keepers and professionals. The web will be the lively link between the 1st at the Kamo Aquarium and 2nd IJC at the Dalian LaoHu Tan Pole Aquarium in 2017.

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