Jellyfish Keeper of Enoshima Aquarium


‘Exhibition and breeding of jellyfish in Enoshima Aquarium’


There is still a lot to learn regarding the biology of cnidarian such as jellyfish, which are difficult to breed for prolonged period of time.

Our jellyfish collection ‘Jelly fish Fantasy Hall ’ based on the concept of “therapy”, which is both mystical and surreal. The shape of the hall was designed from anartistic perspective to best capture the beauty of jellyfish.

In addition to developing jellyfish breeding methods, we have established the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall as an advanced version of its predecessor, established by former Enoshima Aquarium in 1988. Our focus has been on achieving the world’s most beautiful jellyfish exhibition, and to this end we have been extremely particular regarding our activities.

With the cooperation of aquariums, museums and researchers both within Japan and abroad, we are continuing to advance our jellyfish exhibiting and breeding techniques.