Jellyfishes around the Kujukushima Islands

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The Kujukushima Aquarium “Umi Kirara” in the Saikai National Park is located in Sasebo City, in Nagasaki, west coast of Kyushu.

Our mission is to show the visitors the beautiful nature of the Kujukushima Islands through this local aquarium, and have them deeper understanding of the local nature. In order to do so, we replicate the nature of the Kujukushima Islands in the tanks and keep the creatures live in the sea of Kujukushima.

In the aquarium, there are 2 sections of the jellyfish exhibits, the Jellyfish Symphony Dome and the Jellyfish Research Lab, and we keep and exhibit the several kinds of jellyfishes in more than 20 tanks.

Since the species of jellyfishes we keep in the aquarium are limited to the ones occur around the Kujukushima Islands, we have to know where and when jellyfishes occur. Therefore, we has been conducting the surveys of the jellyfish occurrence at least twice a month since 2006 in order to maintain enough numbers and species of jellyfish.

In the following columns, we would like to introduce the surveys of jellyfish occurrence and jellyfish keeping issues as well as the nature of the Kujukushima Islands.


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