Abstract / 趣旨

It has been over 40 years since the breeding and year-round exhibition of jellyfish has begun in aquariums. During this time, the exhibition of jellyfish has spread all over the world. The variety of species, size of the exhibits, and the growth of our husbandry abilities have been inspiring. In present day, jellyfish are an integral part of the allure of aquariums, and it is assumed that more aquariums around the world will introduce them into their exhibits in the future. Surprisingly most of the skills required for keeping and breeding jellyfish is self-taught, and most of the information cannot travel beyond the same facility. It is in this environment that aquariums and zoos around the world plan to start keeping, breeding, and exhibiting jellyfish. In June of 2014, Kamo Aquarium reopened in a new building, with jellyfish being the main exhibits. Until recently, jellyfish were the secondary players in aquarium, but the size of the tanks dedicated to jellyfish and number of species on display proved that they can be the star players as well. With the birth of the aquarium as a starting beacon, I along with Director of Aquamarine Fukushima Dr. Yoshitaka Abe and Former Director of Berlin Zoo/Aquarium Dr. Jurgen Lange I propose the gathering every two years where jellyfish exhibitors from aquariums around the world can meet and inform each other. Both have agreed to support the cause and we plan to have the first gathering in March 2015. We hope to see many participants who would like to know more about new forms of exhibition.
Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium Director Tatsuo Murakami
 水族館にクラゲの繁殖技術が取り入れられ、通年展示が開始されて40年以上になります、この間クラゲの展示は世界中に広がり、種類の多様化と規模の拡大、飼育技術の発展は目覚ましいものが有ります。今や水族館の展示にクラゲは欠くことのできない大きな魅力であり、今後さらに世界中の多くの水族館がクラゲの展示を取り入れようとすると思われる。そして意外なことにクラゲの展示、繁殖技術は各園館が独自の開発をしていて、交流が広くなされているとは言えない面が有る、そのような中で今後世界規模でクラゲの飼育、繁殖、展示などの技術を必要とする水族館、動物園が多く出てくると思われる。加茂水族館は2014 年6 月にクラゲを主たる展示にした新しい水族館を開館させた、クラゲはこれまであくまでも展示の脇役にすぎなかったが、加茂では水槽の規模拡大と展示種類数の増加によって主役になることを証明できたと思っている。この水族館が誕生したことを契機に、2年に一度世界中のクラゲ展示を目指す園館が一堂に会し親睦を図り、情報の交換などを行なうことを提案したいと思い、アクアマリンふくしまの安部義孝館長と、ドイツのベルリン動物園の元園長ユルゲンランゲさんに共同提案者をお願いした。両者とも快く承諾してくださり2015年3月に開催するべく準備を進めている、水族館の新しい展示に興味をお持ちの多くの参加者を期待している。
鶴岡市加茂水族館 館長村上龍男
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